Amar Mohabir presents at AVS

Amar Mohabir presented his work on the bottom-up patterning Si and Ge nanowires at the 65th AVS Symposium and Exhibition in Long Beach, CA. The title of his talk was “Selective Patterning of Silicon/Germanium Surfaces and Nanostructures via Surface Initiated Polymerization.” Trent Weiss and Gozde Tutuncuoglu were coauthors on the work.

Prof. Filler also present a talk titled “The Geode Process: A Route to the Large-Scale Manufacturing of Functionally-Encoded Semiconductor Nanostructures.” This work was completed by Maritza Mujica and is a collaborative effort with the Behrens and Breedveld labs at Georgia Tech. The Geode process uses hollow microcapsules as reactors for semiconductor nanowire growth, allowing nanowire production to be scaled by orders of magnitude.