Saujan's paper featured on cover of Nano Letters

Saujan Sivaram's recently published paper “Surface Hydrogen Enables Subeutectic Vapor–Liquid–Solid Semiconductor Nanowire Growth” has been highlighted on the cover of the November 2016 issue of Nano Letters. Martin Ek created this stunning image.

The illustration shows the crucial role of surface chemistry in subeutectic vapor-liquid-solid nanowire synthesis. The nanowire (dark gray) in the background of the cover has hydrogen atoms (white balls) adsorbed on its sidewalls, allowing the AuGe catalyst (in gold) to remain in a supercooled liquid state. The loss of this surface passivation opens a pathway for catalyst atoms (gold balls) to access the nanowire sidewall, as shown by the nanowire in the foreground, which ultimately results in catalyst solidification.