Manipulating matter at the nanometer scale — generally referred to with the catch-all word “nanotechnology” — and the technologies that emerge from this capability will profoundly change everyday life. Nanotechnology is a more precise way of doing everything — making things, assembling things, measuring things, sorting things, etc. From construction and energy to health and information technology, few industries will be immune to its influence.

The Nanovation podcast is a forum to address the big questions, big challenges, and big opportunities of nanotechnology.

Topics lie at the intersection of nanoscience, manufacturing, technology, business, and society. The podcast is conversational in format and aimed at a general, yet technically-savvy audience.

New shows are released every few weeks. Visit the archive to find and listen to any past show. The first show includes an in-depth discussion of the podcast's overarching themes and goals.

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There are a few, simple ground rules:

1) Predictions should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. Our goal is to understand where the nanotechnology road leads, but we are certain to take a few ill-advised detours along the way. Heed the words of Yogi Berra (and, apparently, several other folks): “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future."

2) Nobody is perfect. We will occasionally make technical errors. However, we will do our best to correct the record.

3) Constructive listener feedback and/or suggestions for show topics are always welcomed.

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